Flow is Flowing of...


Flow is relentless and will never stop solving problems for a brighter fuTure.
The idea behind Flow was started back in 2012, at the founder, Luu Trong An Ha’s rental room when he was in his last year at the University of New South Wales, Sydney, Australia.

The business model for Flow (known as Websup then) was very simple, to utilise Vietnamese talents for Australian projects, an outsourcing model that has been used by countless agencies. The only points of difference were that Flow charged Australian clients at extremely competitive prices while paying handsomely to Flow’s vendors and the external Business Analysts to fully meet the client’s needs.

Although difficult at first, the model evenTually worked out well for Ha and his team, allowing Ha to expand into a consultancy + development model, which saw Flow drawing in Tier 1 and Tier 2 projects, worthy of 6 figures and above.

However, he quickly realized that those values Flow brought to Australian businesses, would have much bigger impacts on the Vietnamese society, people and businesses.

Thus, Ha made a daring decision to move back to Vietnam and foresaw Flow taking on a mission to help and solve every problem the Vietnamese society and businesses face currently, and in the foreseeable feaTure.

Flow members are therefore needed to pass gruelling tests before being employed and recognized as the valiant warriors of this digital age. Flow and all its members are fully committed to help businesses stay competitive, while expanding beyond the South East Asia region, and into the world-wide stage.


To help determine, analyse and solve society pain points and business problems using advanced technologies and know-hows.

To establish Flow as one of the company with the best working environment in South East Asia.

To partner with, and invest into new, and existing businesses that are looking for ways to use advanced technologies in their.

Core Values

80% of the consequences originate from 20% of the causes. We find that 20%.

Consumers generally do not know what they want, but we know what they need.

Respect is earned, not given, so we know if we don’t give it, we can’t expect to get it.

Our client and team member satisfaction is our top priority, anytime, anywhere.

Honest communication is vital to everyone and everything.

We follow the HEART principles – Honesty, Excellence, Accountability, Respect, Teamwork.

Flow is Combination of Passionate People

here are our key members :

Lưu Trọng An Hà


Ha is a serial entrepreneur from Sydney. After successfully existed his IT company in Australia, he came back to Vietnam to build and manage Flow Technology Group. He is also an investor in multiple startups and businesses such as Vicaris, Advertising Vietnam, Agency Life and more. Among them, Vicaris is his recent social investing project that realises the power of using technology in charity work. With a passion in digital transformation, Ha also works closely as a technology partner and advisor to several corporations such as Havas Media, Bep Nha Xu Quang, Techwitty (Australia), Shark Tank Vietnam or AlltHub and PropertyInsync.

Cù Thu Quỳnh (Chloe)

Account Director/CFO

Chloe graduated among the top of her class at University of Sydney, Australia in Finance and Economics. Right after that, she earned her Master degree within just 7 months. Previous to Flow, Chloe has held various important roles with multinational financial institutions, private equity funds and consulting corporations in Australia and Vietnam such as Rabobank, Tulla Private Equity Group, Ernst and Young, and Adjobs Asia.

Moloy Bakshi

Technology Advisor

Moloy is a veteran in information analytic, data quality and metadata modelling. He has earned an Honorary Master degree in Management Information System at UNSW Business School, and another Master degree in Computer Software Engineering at Vellore Institute of Technology. Furthermore, Moloy also brings to Flow his vast wealth of experiences at multinational organizations such as IAG, Chemcert, Medical Director, Efficient Frontier (Acquired by Adobe) and APuHC UNSW.

Vũ Đức Nam

Project Manager

For as long as he can remember, Đức Nam has been working with web-based technologies for front, back and even server ends. He is also among Flow top 3 executives and a project manager that loves to share his wealth of knowledge at PHP and Python to everyone on the team. This allows unification in the way Flow approaches development, especially with tier-1 projects that required more than 6 members to handle.

Ông Lê Quân

Art Manager/ Design Guru

Quân is another top 3 executives of Flow that has been featured on RGB – Vietnam most credited design and innovative group. With a sharp mind of a business analyst, Quân approaches all his design and creative works at Flow with both emotion and logical thinking; all the while able to create elements that can attract our clients’ required target audiences. Quân’s works at Flow has been highly regarded by our clients, every single time.

Lê Tô Thanh Tú

Project Manager/ Web Engineer

Thanh Tú brings with him a vast amount of knowledge from top companies both in Vietnam and SEA region. He is a rare full-stack developer that specializes in all mobile, web-based applications and even database structuring; using React Native, SDK, Swift, PHP, Python, MySQL, NoSQL, etc.... Apart from that, Tú is a mentor that loves to pass on his knowledge to the younger generation of coder.

Huỳnh An

Designer/ Animator / 2D and Video Editor

Huỳnh An is also a featured designer on RGB and a great talent across multiple aspect of visual and interaction designs, for both web and mobile app. She is also a specialist at 2D/3D animation as well as an experienced video editor. This in fact has been making Flow’s clients extremely happy as they could receive the rare interactive elements for their website or mobile app, that otherwise wouldn’t be possible for a software company to produce.

Lê Thành Trung

Front End Engineer

Trung is gem that joined Flow during the first days of operation. His excellent works and knowledges in Javascript, Jquery, HTML and CSS have been a tremendous help. Although Trung already has experiences, he’s never stop learning and evolving his skills and know-how. He is especially talented with optimisation techniques that would help our clients’ applications run faster and smoother, even for large-scale tier-1 projects.

Nhí Em (Jake)

Web Application Engineer

Jake is a web engineer with years of experience in both front and back end languages. He is also a professional with various programming frameworks that are widely popular, especially to SMEs. Jake himself had startup before and learnt a great deal of lesson from such venture, and he has been putting those lessons to great use when developing website and cloud-based applications for our clients.

Phan Văn Hoà

Mobile App Engineer

Hoà has been bringing to Flow lots of fresh breadth from his approach with projects, along with his desire to never stop learning and improving. He is an experienced mobile application developer, proficient at React Native language along with front-end technologies. Hoà has multi-talents, and a great sport, especially with his wireframing skills across platforms.

Thái Quốc Siêu

Mobile App Engineer

Siêu is a full stack software engineer that along with a well know startup in Vietnam, has worked on the problem with parking spots in urban areas. Not only he is a highly qualified professional, that is proficient at developing applications for multiple platforms including web, mobile apps, back-end and even systematic programs; Siêu is also a mentor that loves to share his wealth of knowledges to everyone.

Nguyễn Phương Quỳnh

Artist / Designer

Although young, Phương Quỳnh has graduated among the top of class at Vietnam University of Arts. Her skills on a canvas has also got her a featured spot on RGB. Her arts are highly inspirational, that when combine with the principle of website and mobile designs, Phương Quỳnh is able to form advanced design elements that can easily and vividly transmit intended messages to our clients’ target audience.

Võ Đình Nghĩa

Mobile App Engineer

Among the rising stars of developers is Đình Nghĩa. At the young age, Nghĩa was already a leader of an entire IoT research and development team at his university. He has now retired from the position, but remain an executive advisor to the upcoming generation of developers. Nghĩa is highly skilled with modern mobile app technologies such as React Native, as well as long-time PHP framework.

Khoa Vũ

Business Analyst

Khoa often spent a great deal of time, focus and diligent especially during briefing meeting with our clients. Understanding the client isn’t enough here at Flow. Thus Khoa has been walking in the client’s shoes, and think like a shareholder; to have a full grasp of the business and every elements around it. Khoa attentiveness and desire to learn have pleased many of Flow clients.

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