Hosting And Security

Flow has done intense database structuring and hosting configuration in Oracle, NoSQL and MySQL, Flow can absolutely guarantee that your application’s security, speed and stability are our top concerns. Flow understands each stage of a business requires different data enviroment, thus our solutions always allow scaleability to match with your needs.

Why is it Needed?

Why do you need a fast, secure and stable hosting

Speed opens doors.

  • On average, your website and mobile app only have about 12 seconds to impress your audience. Every second counts, thus if your site/app takes more than 4 secs to load, you are at risk of turning your potential customer away to the competitors. The key to speed is how your server and hosting environment setup at the very beginning. Is the host equipped with full optimization suite such as load balancing, caches, CSS or jQuery minification? In case of Flow, our infrastructure has been setup with full RAID-10, Eslatic Site, SSD drive from 10GB, as well as Lite Speed Webserver Enterprise that supports LiteSpeed Cache and LiteMag.
  • We will make sure your applications are lightning fast!

Security keeps customers loyal.

  • While speed helps convert your audiences, security helps to give them and you the peace of mind while they submit their private information to you. The flow of data via various interactions between you and your customers have to be highly protected with the top technologies. Flow hosting environment is stationed at Viettel IDC Binh Duong and Los Angeles, USA; along with 99,9% uptime and CloudLinux operation system at full encryption against local as well as peer-network attacks.
  • We will make sure your data is secured and every module updated regularly!

Stability allows scalability.

  • As your business grow overtime, Flow’s hosting environment will be highly adaptive to such changes. By having full control over the server and the technologies behind it, our team can easily create customised hosting plan specifically to your business operations and needs. With Full SSD Raid-10, we have got in our arsenal various packages from casual business hosting to KMV and OPENVZ virtual private server or VPS; which allows grand scale technological operations that involve with Deep Learning, Mass Data Analytics and even standard Artificial Intelligent.
  • We will make sure you can rely on us whenever needed!

The Rabbit and the Turtle

The Rabbit and the Turtle is the story of a race between unequal parties. Although being a decade old folktale, its lessons are still true even in this age and time; across various industries and markets.

Let us explore this story together!

The rabbit by nature is far more superior than the turtle in term of speed. Along with some other advantages, the rabbit’s business has outperformed poor turtle in every way, even when they both selling the exact same thing. While the turtle took a long time just to reach its customers, the rabbit has already closed multiple sales!

The turtle eventually decided to entrust his business to Flow Solutions. Henceforth, Flow has maximized the turtle business with multiple systematic, cloud-based applications; which were built on top highly advanced server environments.

Even though the rabbit got a huge lead ahead of the turtle, however, he couldn’t possibly cover the market and manage his business manually with those advantages alone. In the end, the rabbit missed out a ton of opportunities for his business!

Meanwhile, the turtle’s business had lots of disadvantages at the start, but when equipped with Flow solutions, his business picked up steadily and eventually he exceeded the rabbit and left him in the dust!

The rabbit quickly realizes his downfall, and immediately got himself a new system with brand new server, hoping to catch-up with the turtle! Unfortunately, speed wasn’t the only winning factor. The rabbit didn’t expect for bugs and cyber attacks, which got his business hit with massive lagging, loss of data and even customers!

The turtle business got cyberattacked just like the rabbit, however, everything was protected as Flow’s applications and server are equipped with 256 bits encryption firewalls, with full optimization using advanced techniques to ensure both speed and stability.

With that, the little turtle won the race even with all the handicaps at the beginning. In this age and time, whoever owns the technology, shall be the victor!

With such momentum, the turtle advanced even further and joined the race against other businesses such as the leopard’s! Because the turtle already know that Flow ecosystem is completely scalable, to cope with any type of race!


And that was the story of the rabbit and the turtle. The turtle has become much more innovative and systematic and didn’t have to rely on luck and over-confident mistakes from the win this race...or any other races!


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