IoT or Internet of Thing represents a network (or series of networks) of different devices that connect with each other wirelessly via the Internet. Such integrated connection reduces time, efforts and costs necessary for any business to interact with its clients, employees and partners. By employing our specialists’ knowledge and 10+ years of experiences, Flow is able to fully develop, implement and activate groups of modules for a versatile IoT network that fits perfectly to your business, your industry and your targeted audiences.

Why is it Needed?

Why do you need an Internet of Things network?

Real-time understanding

  • When any transaction or integration takes place between your staffs and customers, as a decision maker, you obviously like to know the outcome of such interaction ASAP. So that you would be able to react as soon as needed.
  • IoT allows such real-time reports and analytics to help businesses re-evaluate and with data provided by connected devices, and by cycling that data back into the business, your team can make intelligent business decisions and drive new innovations that meet expectations not only from your customers but also your employees, vendors and partners.

Improve Efficiency and Effectiveness

  • Managing a business is difficult in term of maintain quality and overall management, especially within those that require a lot of labour and large machinery operations such as the manufacturing and agriculture industries. However, with a network of connected devices, supervisors will be able to learn what their team is doing and how they are performing.
  • Your business can then immediately react and reduce costly waste or tackle any problems, while being able to predict maintenance and streamline operations to enhance the overall experience to all users.

Speed and Accessibility

  • With a series of connected devices within a well-structured IoT network, the time it takes for any interactions between users will diminish tremendously. As connection points and their protocols are programmed clearly beforehand, data knows exactly where to flow to the moment it is requested. With multiple devices, all wired into the same network, even your remote working employees will be more connected than ever before and may be able to accomplish new types of tasks from remote locations. Thus, such arrangement could also help improve your bottom line.

The Ants and The Grasshopper

The Ants and The Grasshopper is a world famous story, well-known to many generations. However, did you know that there is un-told version, secret to all?

Well, together let’s explore this story!

There was a grasshopper, who loved to relax and enjoyed the summer breeze. After all, it is his favourite season of the year!

And then there were the ants, who worked continuously without rest months after months in building nest and stocking foods. “Relax” was never a word in their dictionary!

At multiple times, the ants have tried to warn lazy grasshopper to be more prepared as “Winter is coming”, and foods will be scarce. But the grasshopper paid them no mind!

Little did the ants know, the grasshopper already consulted with Flow and got himself an entire IoT network to help him produce, collect, store and manage all food supplies...all on his phone!

Flow has utilised the grasshopper experiences in producing and gathering foods to created an entire IoT network with smart protocols, which then programmed into automated plantation and fertilization for multiple kinds of crops.

Intelligent sensors are installed to help monitor the crops growth, and alert the grasshopper for any infection, dehydration, or lack of nutrition. Whenever needed, the sensors also automatically trigger adjustment of the plantation’s environment such as temperature, moisture and oxygen level.

All data about the environments including the weather and soil structure before, during and after plantation are stored to be analysed on a cloud-based server. This allowed the grasshopper to maximised production in an efficient manner.

Everything was under the control from the grasshopper’s smartphone. With just few touches, he could command, monitor and control the whole system!

Unlike the grasshopper, the ants had to double their shifts as the weather became harsher. All they knew was working harder and harder each day!

Meanwhile, the grasshopper has been working smarter and smarter everyday with Flow solutions. When the ants could produce only one type of crop due to their manual operations, our grasshopper produced multiple crops...even those crops that the ants always wish to have!

The ants eventually had to ordered those foods from the grasshopper via its ecommerce portal; with orders flew right into the grasshopper’s phone.

The grasshopper again didn’t have to do much, except “touch and command” to process the orders, pack them up, and deliver right to every single ants within a short amount of time.


The grasshopper then introduced the ants to Flow solutions. Within months, the ants have now got the same IoT system as the grasshopper, with a few modifications to match with their own nature!

As you can see, hard work alone isn’t enough any longer. In this current competition, technology holds the key to success. So, get yours today! We are ready to help!


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